November Checklist

November 7, 2014


Start November Off On the Right Path This Year

Change Clocks Back – Check!

Boost Your Immunity – Minimize stress. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Cut out sugar. Eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables…Cinnamon…Garlic…Mushrooms…Tomatoes.

Watch For Deer – Autumn is peak time for deer-car collisions. Use high beams at night… don’t swerve to miss them… Turn on hazard lights to warn other drivers.

Get Your Vitamin D – Having less daylight means we absorb less Vitamin D from the sun during the winter months. A good rule of thumb to know how much Vitamin D you need is to calculate 35 IUs of Vitamin D per pound of body weight.

Fine Tune Your Furnace – Have your heating system checked before the weather turns cold. Also, cover the outsides of A/C units, drain and store hoses and replace your fire/carbon monoxide detectors with new batteries.

Spend Your Dollars Locally – November 29th is Small Business Saturday. Support the Hayward Community by shopping in independently owned stores.

Give Thanks – Try to think of something that you are thankful for each day this month, not just on November 27th.